256MB PC100 SDRAM DIMM-Lifetime Warranty(32x4)
256MB PC100 SDRAM DIMM-Lifetime Warranty(32x4)
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Product Name:256MB PC100 SDRAM DIMM-Lifetime Warranty(32x4)
Our Price:$22.00
Availability:In Stock
Product Number:256/100
Product Weight:3 lb.

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PRODUCT DETAIL: 1. (32X4) is a new standard. 2. 256mb. ** IMPORTANT ** Please read for compatibility before you purchase: 1. According to manufacture testing result, this sdram is suggested to work with the following mother board CHIPSET (refer to your motherboard manual or contact your motherboard manufacture): *VIA KT-133, *VIA KX-133, *SIS 630, *VIA 693/694, *AMD 751 Iron Gate, *VIA Apollo 133A Pro Chipsets, *EXCEPT ASUS K7V. 2. If your motherboard does not have above listed chipset, please purchase the INDUSTRY STANDARD memory which is more universal and 99% compatible with ALL motherboards. The Industry Standard Sdram is located next to this item on last page. 3. In addition, please check if the motherboard bios support (32x4) new standard. If not, it will only read 128mb even though your motherboards have listed chipset. Please contact your motherboard manufacture to update the bios to accept (32x4) new standard. If they declined the request, please do not purchase this item. 4. Motherboard must be able to take 512 MB in each memory slot in order for this sdram to function properly, otherwise your system will recognize it as 128MB. 5. For customers who overlooked this message before purchase, please refer our return policy to upgrade to the INDUSTRY STANDARD memory. 256MB PC100 SDRAM DIMM 3.3V 32x4 STANDARD 7/7.5ns, Non-Parity, Unbuffered Lifetime Warranty ALL OF OUR MEMORY CHIPS ARE TESTED BEFORE SHIP-OUT. Please check your motherboard specification for memory type before you purchase it. It is not our responsibility for any incompatibilities of the systems and memory. Customer will be responsible to return the memory for exchange or credit. In addition, the shipping and handling fee is not refundable and 15% restocking fee will apply to all returns. Thank you.
The shipping price via UPS ground will be calculated as follow: * Quantity: 1 for $11.00 * Quantity: 2 for $15.00 * Quantity: 3 for $18.00 * Quantity: 4 for $20.00 * Q

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